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With Charisma Productions knowledgable staff, we can get your home PC running like it should!
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Why try to figure out what's wrong yourself when we do it for FREE!! 


We don't feel that you should have to pay to have your computer system on the bench for an inspection.


Call to make an appointment, or just bring your computer system into our facility in West Kelso and we will put it on the bench for a free inspection.


The most common problems with systems lately have been viruses, malware and spyware.  Most home users can quickly infect their computers even worse when trying to remove these threats. 

MANY people have been tricked into paying for additional rogue spyware to be installed to "fix" the problem that was caused by the very company that got paid! 

Charisma Productions - Computer Repair Professionals


Don't fall victim to these rogue programs, use the Live Support link on the left side of the page to chat with a technician now, or contact us now to help protect your computer!